Day 1 at the Gym and I fell down the stairs..

Today is the day I’ve decided to make an important change in my life, and that is to get my ass to the gym everyday.

I feel like by being able to write about my workouts/how I’m feeling will really keep me going back to the gym everyday.

But I’m sure you’re here for my “how I fell down the stairs at the gym” story. So here it is.

I haven’t worked out in about a month. So not only do I look like shit, I feel like shit. My stupid self decided to do legs my first day back. Towards the end of my workout, I got off the stair climber, and went straight to doing weighted squats.

I decided to end my workout there, and my legs felt great. But as soon as I started walking down the stairs to the change room my legs gave out like jello and I ate shit as I crashed to the bottom of the stairs.

I generally don’t get embarrassed, easily but getting scraped off the floor by an 85 year old man was not exactly what I had in mind for my first day back.

Regardless, my workout was great. I listened to my January Workout Playlist the entire time, it was dope.

As I start this journey PLEASE let me know what keeps keep you motivated to go to the gym.

Thanks for reading,

Blog City Bish


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