My Valentines Day on a Budget

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost four years now, so we kind of have the whole Valentines Day situation down pat.

I feel like there’s an unnecessary amount of pressure for people to break the bank for Valentine’s Day.

Of course like any new couple we spoiled each other A LOT the first couple of years, but we promised this year to keep a $25 budget.

We tried the whole “let’s just not get each anything this year” thing last Valentine’s Day, but we both ended up getting each other things anyways. So this year seemed a little more realistic.

Like I’ve talked about in previous posts, I’m a student and therefore have NO MONEY! So I was thankful when my boyfriend and I decided to do this.

So here’s how I spent my $25:

His favourite chocolate bars

The first stop on my list was the dollar store. I knew I had to grab some of his favourite chocolate bars which are Reese’s Cups & Mars. His all time favourite treat is Twizzlers (or Twizz Bombz as he calls them) so I had to grab a pack of those too.

Cost: $3

Cleaning Wipes for Truck

If there’s anything my boyfriend loves as much as me, it’s his truck. His dad bought him a ton of these for his birthday and he was hopeless when they were all gone, so I grabbed him a few more!

Price: $2

Candy, duh!

My boyfriend loves candy, in fact I’d go ahead and say it’s an addiction. He eats enough candy that he’s either sick or spending the rest of the night in bed because of a stomach ache.

Yet for some reason I bought him a shit ton of candy. Basically a stomach ache in a bucket. I got the cute little bucket from the dollar store. It came in a pack of 3 for $2. The candy was from the Bulk Barn and cost just over $5!

Cost: $7.50

His favourite brownies

My mouth is watering just looking at this photo! Whenever my boyfriend and I go shopping he always eyes down these Marshmallow brownies, so I grabbed him two just in case his stomach wasn’t hurting enough.

Cost: $6

Homemade Cake!

This was a last minute decision, but when I saw the heart shaped cake pan I knew I had to buy it. So I made him cake that I bought from the dollar store along with the icing. I also had the sprinkles and pink icing at home so I added that for a final touch!

Cost: $6

So there you have it, I spent $24.50 and was honestly super happy with what I was able to get with such a small budget.

I hope I’ve inspired you to maybe consider taking it EZ next Valentines Day with your bae. Let me know if you and your partner have certain budgets or traditions on Valentines Day! But for now, my boyfriend and I are going to work on our stomach aches!

Thanks for reading,

Blog City Bish


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