Don’t talk to me like an idiot because you assume I’m young

I find that this problem happens to me a lot more then it should. I’m 23 years old and although many people think it’s great that I look so young, I think it sucks.

I’m not saying I look like I’m in the fourth grade or anything, but people generally assume I’m still in high school.

When I was studying at my local library last year I decided to grab a coffee from the concession stand before I started. The lady was nice and asked me about my exams and I had explained to her that this was my final year.

She then proceeded to ask me if I’ve started applying to universities. I chuckled and she felt slightly embarrassed when I told her I was 23 in my final year of my undergrad.

Although this situation was obviously harmless, I find that people tend to try and take advantage of me and tend to talk down to me because they think I’m younger then I actually am.

I’ve learned a lot about ageism and other types of discrimination in my undergrad. Most people understand ageism as only elderly people being taken advantage of. However this the other side of the spectrum.

My grad program started this week and there are lots of older women and men in my program, which is obviously great but I think they honestly believe I’m 12.

We were put in discussion groups and I felt over powered by the majority of my group members. The worst part is I know this probably isn’t on purpose. Society has created this idea that the older you, are the more valid you are.

Instead of being overpowered or rejected for our ideas, people should hear and learn from a younger individual like myself. I believe that I and many others from my generation may bring something to the table that older individuals might not.

However people refuse to change and adapt to modern ideas. There’s a man in my program who is clearly over the age of 65, and can’t go 3 minutes without adding something to the lecture.

He has actually tried to correct my prof on several occasions, and I honestly believe he thinks he’s more qualified to teach the course then my prof is.

When he found out a lot of class content would be found online, he threw a fit because he believes using technology in the classroom is “horrible for academic learning” and those who use it are “brainwashed zombies”.

However shortly after he had to ask the girl half his age to help him simply login to his student account.

I hate the idea of people being overseen for their age. But unfortunately it happens. I would say to anyone who feels like this happens to them more often then it should, you really need to put your foot down.

I let it slide a few times, but when I feel like I’m being taken advantage of I have no problem letting them know how I feel and you shouldn’t either. Your opinions and ideas should always be heard; and your validity shouldn’t be based on your age.Thanks for reading,Blog City Bish


9 thoughts on “Don’t talk to me like an idiot because you assume I’m young

  1. Kelli-Marie Py says:

    This! I can definitely relate. I had similar situations at works and can sometimes notice the difference in attitudes when I reveal my age. You didn’t treat me any different before my age why start now? 🤔 Just because we’re young does not mean we don’t contribute to our society and can’t be responsible. Anyway thanks for speaking about this and real sorry if I was a bit rantish! 😂

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  2. everythingbyesther says:

    You honestly just wrote down what Ive been thinking for YEARS! Im 19 and people think Im between 14 and 16. Im told „aww you look so young! You look like 13“ or „aww youre so so cute“ basically on a daily basis. And it annoys me so much but people tell me to be happy about it bc „when Im 40 and looking like 25 thats gonna be awesome“. Grrrrr!!! 😠

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