Today was the first day of my grad program!

What a day today was, I started my grad program in Recreational Therapy! Its an intensive program, which is the first of its kind here in Canada, so I’m definitely happy and honoured to be apart of such an amazing program.

The college I attend now is in my hometown, so I thought I would know the campus pretty well. However the only time I’ve actually ever been there was to play basketball. I’ve never actually ventured beyond the athletic building, so I got pretty lost haha.

My first class was a program orientation, where we got an overview of the Intensive Rec. Program, and what we can expect for upcoming semester.

However I spent the majority of the time scouting out who’s in my class, and who my potential friends are going to be. I’m going to be spending the next 8 months with the same 32 people so I’m sure I’ll meet lots of new friends.

I won’t lie there’s a few interesting individuals in my class, including a man who has to be pushing 65+. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about continuing education. But this guy seriously does not shut up. I hate people who always have to comment or tell a relatable story to whatever the prof is talking about. But like cmon man, I know your entire life story within one class, take it EZ.

Today was the first time in a very long time where I felt engaged in what I was learning. I was excited when they were outlining the program.

Finally instead of studying stupid shit like History of Math (yes that was actually one of my electives in my undergrad) I’m learning about things I actually want to make a career out of.

Something I’m super excited about is a program in on of my courses where we are paired up with someone who has special needs and we get to take them out for lunch every week! It’s going to such a fun way to learn about disabilities and inclusion in a personal way.

That’s pretty much all for day 1. I’m SO excited to see what this program has to offer me as a future Recreational Therapist!!!!

Please let me know if you’re also studying RT or work as an RT! I would love to follow you, and gain your perspective as I take my first baby steps into the field.

Thanks for reading,

Blog City Bish


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