Why my skin SUCKED last year

I have always struggled with my skin. It’s actually probably one of my biggest insecurities. My skin is super sensitive so I have trust issues when it comes to finding products that work for me.

Sometimes however there really isn’t anything I can actually do to prevent my skin from breaking out. Right around the start of winter I always break out super bad because of the weather change. Same thing happens when it starts getting warmer again.

But there are lots of things that I’m going to do this year to improve the quality of my skin, and the quality of products I use to ensure my skin is safe.

Wear Less Makeup

I have a friend who always bugs me when I have to buy foundation. “I swore you just bought some” or “you used it all already???”. Ill admit I’m not a makeup artist and I can cake on the makeup for no reason at all.

Not only this but I have an AWFUL habit of going to bed with my makeup still on. Excuse all the times I’ve come home incoherently drunk. This year it’s important to reduce the amount of makeup I wear, and increase things that will help my skin. Like making sure I’m washing it 2 times daily, moisturizing, and treating myself to a face mask every once and a while.

Drink More Water

This is something that anyone can improve on, bad skin or not. I hope I’m not alone when I say that I think water can be so boring and unappealing. I don’t want that bland shit, throw me a coke.

Water however is so important. I’ve started to wake up every morning and force chug a giant glass of water. I make it sound like water is so disgusting. I just find it easy to get tired of.

I bought my mom a water bottle with a fruit infuser built in. I instantly regretted not buying myself one because I think it will really help me increase the amount of water I drink. By being able to be creative with different fruits and herbs, it makes it more appealing to stay hydrated. Please let me know if you have other ways to stay hydrated!


2017 was such a lazy year for me. It was my first year being retired from ball and I took full advantage by doing NOTHING but shove my face.

It’s definitely a goal for me this year to eliminate some Big Macs; my stomach, skin, and bank account will appreciate it.


I guess this could have been categorized as one that I was unable to do anything about. Everyone deals with stress. A lot of the stress I deal with however is self provoked.

Doing things like leaving things to the last minute can be prevented so easily yet I’d rather procrastinate and make my skin suffer. In a weird yet obvious way, staying on top of your shit will really help with your skin in the the long run.

Picking my DAMN face

If you say you don’t do this, you’re a LIAR. The first thing I do when I see a new pimple on my face is pick it. I know this is bad, but it’s honestly something that happens subconsciously sometimes.

However, I need to stop touching my face and picking at it, because it will do nothing good for my face, and acne scars ain’t cute.

Skin Care Routine

Sometimes when I’m laying in bed after a long day and a face full of make up I think to myself “Na Linds it’s cool, sleep with makeup; Beyoncé said she wakes up like this so why the hell cant I”.

I’ve never actually had a legit night time skin routine. Because of this I feel like it lacked importance in my day. I started buying different products to see what worked for my skin. Different serums, lotions, mostly labelled with “sensitive skin” or something along those lines.

I’ve slowly began developing a routine for skin care, so if you have any products in mind for sensitive skin, let a girl know.

I hope if you’re anything like me, and deal with sensitive skin that this post was able to give you some simple ideas on how to improve the quality of your skin.

What kind of things do you do to ensure your skin is happy?

Thanks for reading,

Blog City Bish


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