A lil’ something about me!

So I guess that this is my opportunity to convince you, the reader (and hopefully future follower 😉) that I’m a dope enough person for you to continue reading. So here it goes…

I’m Lindsay and I’m 23 from Ontario, Canada. I’ve recently finished my degree in Physical Education, minoring in English and Psychology. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, however over the last few years I’ve taken a large interest in Recreational Therapy. So I am now starting my grad program in Rec Therapy next week!

I am a HUGE tomboy. I just realized as I’m writing this I’m sitting in a basketball jersey with track pants on watching the football game. So that’s that. I’ve played basketball since I was 4, and varsity basketball throughout high school and university. I was lucky to represent those teams as captain.

I have a boyfriend named Cooper and we’ve been dating for almost 4 years now! We’ve been through a lot as a couple, and I’m happy to have him!

My friends always say that I should have my own TV show, or a stand up comedy career. What can I say, I like to make people laugh. Maybe vlogs are something of the future?

A huge hobby of mine are my plants. I’m such a plant mom, I give them names and treat them like real children. In the summer I work for my city’s Horticulture Department, where I plant flowers and maintain the flower beds around town. I’ve recently been thinking about starting to sell cactus’ & succulents that I grow at home!

Well.. We’ve reached the end of the post. If you’re still here, I’ve hope I’ve done a sufficient job of convincing you that you’d like to hear from me again!

Thanks for reading,

Blog City Bish


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